Preserve your family history

Got an old picture or negative you want a print from? Found a pile of slides in the attic? Frosts provide a number of solutions for bringing your photos back to their full glory.

We can scan your images from and to various formats:

All our scanning services are carried out on the premises so you can be sure your precious memories will be kept safe.

Scan at home

Negative and slide scanners

If you have a lot of negatives piled up, it can sometimes be more cost-effective to buy a film scanner. Our Praktica scanner (99) can be connected to a PC or used as a standalone device. It can scan 35mm film, transparencies, and 120mm film at 800 or 1600dpi, and can quickly save images either to your hard drive or straight to an SD card. Highly recommended by our staff!

Negatives and prints can deteriorate over time, especially if kept in fluctuating temperature conditions like those in attics. If you find your photos have become damaged, don't worry - we can restore them for you. Click here for more details.