Prints from prints

Prints from prints

We can produce copies of prints at most sizes*. If enlarging from a print to a bigger size, you may find that the reproduced image has lost some clarity; please bring in the print for further advice.

If the quality of the print is high enough, we can take a "selective" copy, which will enlarge only a selected part of the image.

Original prints larger than 8"x12" cannot be scanned, but will instead be photographed. There will be a £15 additional charge for this service.

Prints to CD

We can produce high-resolution digital copies of prints. The cost of this service is £3.99 setup, plus 99p per image.


Please note that we will be unable to reproduce prints in or from any format if they are under copyright. This includes images which have been taken in a professional studio, wedding photographs, etc.

Sometimes, it is possible to trace the copyright holder and obtain permission to reproduce the photo. We will be able to copy it for you if you provide us with a written copy of this permission.

If you try to trace the copyright owner and are unsuccessful, you may request a print copy; however, you will be required to sign a legally binding form which places the responsibility for copying the image wholly on you.

Please see this factsheet from the UK Copyright Service for more information.

* The size of the print desired, regardless of original size (unless the original is bigger than 8"x12", in which case an additional fee will be charged).
** If the copy size desired is not in the same aspect ratio as the original (e.g. it is wider or taller proportionally), some cropping may occur. Please ask in-store for further advice.